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16 April 2012 @ 05:58 pm
Hello and welcome to Blonde_Leia's Livejournal!

My journal is a mesh of everything, but is mainly used for the following:

*convention highlights and reports
*Costume progress/photos/etc
*General fandom ramblings

If you'd like to be considered as a mutual friend, please post here! The only reason I ask is mainly for the fact that I put some more personal things (as in, everyday life type stuff) on a friends-only setting, and I'd just like to see who you are before I friend you back and allow you access to those things. I have absolutely no problems with friending anyone and I'm always excited to meet new people who have similar interests as me! Just let me know who you are, friend me, and I will friend you back! :)

Easy as pie!

Thanks for visiting!
Ohayocon is just around the corner, folks! Luckily this year I have made/am making good time with me and Jeremy's cosplays. *Cough cough* Unlike last year's Ohayocon and Otakon in which my poor mom and I were scrambling to finish things THE DAY BEFORE THE CON! Haha!

For the last couple of months, my good friend Tato has practically lived at our house, LOL! We've pretty much been hanging out at least 3 or 4 times a week (sometimes more!) to work on our Fallout cosplays for our little group.Sometimes we go over Tato's house as well but it's usually our house. Tato is going as a raider in Blastmaster armor, Jeremy is the Mysterious Stranger and I'm debuting my Vault 101 suit! It's fun, we usually do dinner and when we need a break from working on stuff we watch movies and anime and play video games :)

As far as our Uncharted group goes (Nate, Elena and Flynn), all of our costumes are finished except for Jeremy's holster which I'll probably start working on tonight. I'm happy with how everything is turning out though!

Here's a preview of my Elena outfit. I've since found shoes and I'm still going to dirty the shirt up a little bit. Also, the shirt IS indeed striped (took me FOREVER to find a decent one that could be tucked!) you just have to be closer to see them. I wanted to do the version where Nate first runs into her, hence why I've got the press badge and the notebook :)

Pics after the cutCollapse )

Jeremy looks adorable as Nate, even though he hasn't let me take any previews yet! LOL! And Tato makes a great Flynn, I'm so excited for our group! :D

As far as our Fallout 3 group goes, Tato is still working on his costume which is definitely getting there, and Jeremy's costume is completely gathered. My Vault Suit is complete and the Pip-Boys are finished except for the piece that fits around our arms!

Here's a preview of my Vault Suit in it's near complete state! All I'm missing in these photos are the Pip-Boy, and my pants are not rolled up fully since I didn't have clips to hold them up yet. I love my rifle! I've always wanted to have a costume where I can carry a big gun around XD This costume was a lot of work... I'll post a more detailed post on how everything was made once it's fully complete.

More pics hereCollapse )

I'm also working on Elena's winter coat outfit which is pretty much done, I'll snap some photos of once it snows again. I'm still debating whether or not to do exploded!Elena since I DO have an extra shirt, I just need to crud it up really good. And I found a cute pink dress that I am going to attempt to make look like one of the pre-war dresses from Fallout, so if I get to overheated in my Vault Suit, I can always change into that if it comes together okay :)

I believe that's all for now, folks! I may post a picture or two before the con, but other than that make sure you look for the photo assault that shall ensue after next week! :D
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This post will include nothing but photos of kitten goodness. WARNING: looking at photos of Drake for extended periods of time may cause "aww-ing," squeeing, giggling, kissing the computer screen and other girlish tendencies. NOW! BEHOLD THE CUUUUUUTENESS!!!!!

And yes, if there was any doubt, he is indeed named after Nathan Drake as I had planned. And he certainly lives up to his name, as he enjoys exploring, climbing, jumping, and the occasional fight XD

(If these pics don't show you how goddamn much I love this little baby, well...JUST LOOK AT THEMCollapse )
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08 November 2009 @ 06:57 pm
I'm not done with the post about my whole weekend yet. But I could not resist posting a few pics of kitten goodness!!!!

I got to visit the baby kitties over the weekend, one of which will be mine when he's old enough to be adopted. I've been debating the name "Drake" as it's the first name that comes to mind. I think it's masculine and cute and it's not totally obvious to those who don't know me very well. Okay, so it's pretty obvious. But you couldn't believe how oblivious some people I know are. They still think my hamster is named after a president! (Kennedy). And Drake goes along with the video game theme of my other pets' names.

As if I didn't already want him to be Drake, I asked Daren (kitties owner, my brother's friend) what mama cat's name was. And of all things... HER NAME IS CHLOE! Of all names in the world, and she has an Uncharted name. Jeremy and I just about died laughing. Of all names... she is Chloe. So that was the final straw, and a definite sign that my little kitten has to be Drake XD

He was so precious and tiny. But he kept crying for his mommy as I held him, and Chloe was getting really anxious/nervous and at one point tried to grab him back from me. Such a good mommy cat! I felt horrible that I made her nervous, though... I'm going to feel terrible when I take him away from her, even though I know that they do get over it and life goes on, as for all kittens...

And now, pics of baby Drake after the cut! His eyes are open now XD

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He's so beautiful. I can't wait for him to join the family! <3
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So, I've been meaning to post this but my week was absolutely CRAZY and since I have no homework today (WHOOOO) I figured it would be a good time!

My buddy Del (waruiushi) and I had an exciting and action-packed Tuesday last week, as the main event of Draketober finally approached! THE RELEASE OF UNCHARTED 2!!!!

Holycrap, have I expressed how long I was waiting for it?!

Read the recap with lots of nerdy cosplay photos AFTER THE CUT YO!

The Uncharted 2 Among Thieves Adventure.Collapse )
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So, seeing as I have no life (LOL) I have already beaten Uncharted 2 with my buddy Del! We got it at the midnight release this morning... and by God, it was... effing FANTASTIC. Just mindblowingly amazing. That's all I'll say about it for now. It's the best game, hands down, I've ever played in my life. I don't even know if there are words for how awesome it was!

But yeah, we played for about 5 hours after getting it, slept for a while, and finished today around 10:00pm. Del and I even dressed up as Elena and Chloe for the launch! Hahaha... we took a lot of photos and a couple videos so I will post those later. But I just wanted to make a little post landmarking this very special day in my life as a gamer... since I've waited for this for SO LONG now and the next few days will be busy, so I'm not sure when I'll be able to post the full report of our Uncharted Marathon Madness in Celebration of Draketober XD

I feel kind of sad that it's already over, it seemed like I waited for it for a lifetime and now it's come and gone so fast... but I'm also extremely extremely content... I feel really fulfilled, and I know I'm going to be thinking about it for a very long time! And of course, there's still lots more playthroughs, multiplayer, and tons of talk that I'm sure will be going on over at nate_x_elena so it's not as if the Uncharted 2 excitement is over. Really, it's just beginning!

Lots lots LOTS more on this later... I just needed to express how much fun I had with Del, and what a masterpiece Uncharted 2 is :)

And for now, it's sleep! School tomorrow, and I need to recover the hours of sleep I lost last night... LOL! (hours of sleep that were TOTALLY WORTH MISSING, mind you!) ^_^
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03 October 2009 @ 02:38 am
...I just completed main quest of "The Pitt" expansion for Fallout 3 in one sitting... I believe I was playing since around 10:00 O_o

Good Lord where did the time go?! That game does that to you... it's so bad! And yet so good...

It was awesome though, a helluva lot more entertaining that what I've done in Broken Steel so far! I think it was one of my favorite quests in the entire game!

And... not only was the ending more satisfying in Broken Steel as I've mentioned since Charon didn't break my heart this time around, but furthermore, I can now torture him by making him wear MORE ridiculous clothing! YAY! They made all this updated Raider armor that has more damage resistance than the old outfits... so they're better than Charon's leather armor and he will actually wear them now. There's even one where he's like... shirtless.



I was shocked, too.

As if the bonnet wasn't bad enough! XD

And now, bedtime... in which I will probably have many bizarre dreams of Pittsburgh, escaped slaves, kidnapping, half-naked ghouls and of course, shooting people... like, a million times. In the face.
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Haha okay so I've had this jumpsuit sitting in my dining room for almost a month now!

It was an early birthday gift from Jeremy because I am RIDICULOUSLY EXCITED to make this cosplay for Ohayocon. I've played Fallout 3 for over 100 hours now (when I hit 101 hours I giggled, teehee) so yeah, safe to say that I'm pretty obsessed. And I love my character so much that I wanted to cosplay her... or less specifically, the Lone Wanderer ^_^

Here's what I plan to make... it'll probably end up being a mesh of the concept art and in-game outfit.

Cosplay stuff after the cut, yo!Collapse )
01 October 2009 @ 05:03 pm

Friends, family and fangirls... the month we have all been waiting for is finally upon us! DRAKETOBER!!!!

What is Draketober, you may ask? Well, it's just like October. Only sexier, action-packed and full of Drake. After all, it's not every month that our favorite fortune hunter has a new edge-of-your-seat, ass-kicking, globe-trotting, SEXY AS HELL adventure hitting the shelves. Mere days remain between owning this awesome piece of gaming history. So, here's some ways to celebrate in the month to come!

1. Sport the famous Drake-Half-Tuck
The art of pulling of the perfect half-tuck is something that takes time and effort, like an art-form. But with practice, you too, can sport a flawless half-tuck just like our boy Nate. In Uncharted 2, Elena is now sporting a half-tuck, too! So apparently all the cool kids are doing it. You don't want to be an uncool kid, do you? Wear your half-tuck with pride! This fashion is very chic! I assure you.

2. Go on your own adventure.
Whether it's in your own backyard or to another country, adventure surrounds us! Sure, you may not find the fabled El Dorado or Marco Polo's lost fleet. Most likely you'll just find a lot of dirt and a dead carcass or two. But who says that has to stop you?! Get out there and explore!

3. Jump online and play some Multiplayer with friends.
The Multiplayer is open to EVERYONE now... so there's really no excuse. Unless, you know, you have a life or something...

4. Re-play the glory of Uncharted Drake's Fortune
Although we're all excited for the awesomeness that will be Uncharted 2, we really can't forget Nate's roots! So replay the first game. Try to earn all those trophies if you haven't already, and if you have, do it again! Also: attempt Crushing Mode. I dare you!

5. Re-Watch all of the UDF cutscenes
If you lack the time to play through the entirety of UDF again, pop some popcorn, plop on the couch and watch all of the cutscenes over again! Even if you know every word... you always have the excuse of needing a "refresher" for Uncharted 2 ;)

6. Use the phrase "Sic Parvis Magna" in everyday conversation.
It makes you sound smart. Plus, it's a good motto to live by: "greatness from small beginnings."

7. Have an Uncharted party!
We're not necessarily talking about a themed party here (though that would be pretty epic) but invite some friends over, order a pizza, and play!

8. Uncharted Halloween, anyone?
waruiushi suggests making some Nate and Elena masks! LOL! Dress like your favorite character (even if it's a Nazi zombie!) and go get some candy!

9. Spread the word of Draketober
Recruit some new Uncharted fans! I mean, if you haven't already... personally, I've corrupted/attempted to corrupt all of my friends. Poor them.

10. Buy Uncharted 2: Among Thieves when it comes out Octobter.. er, I mean DRAKETOBER 13th!
Haha like we needed to have that one on the list ;)
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