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Musings on Life, Love, and Fandom


About Me

Hi, I’m Lindsey (aka LadyofRohan as a lot of people know me by). I'm 23 years old and married to the man of my dreams. He is the love of my life, words cannot even begin to express how deeply I feel for him! As of May 2009, we are a happily married couple <3<3<3

College is slow-going, but I will eventually go into the field of Anthropology/Archaeology. It's been my life-long dream, and I hope that my chosen career will allow me to travel and see the world one day. I have all sorts of interests, most of them nerdy in nature. I'm a cosplayer, a Rebel Legion member, a writer, a gamer, and a convention-goer. I pretty much live and breathe fandom XD

About My Journal

This journal was created with the purpose of posting photos from conventions, and also for keeping track of my costume progress. It’s also used as a place to post my graphics and icons, videos, fanfiction, and general fandom ramblings, all of which will be kept on a public setting. Occasionally, I will share little snippets of my personal life, but those posts will be on a friends-only setting. Generally, I have no problem with friending people, though! I love meeting people, and new friends are always wonderful to have! If you want to be considered a mutual friend, just leave me a message on my journal, friend me, and I will be more than happy to friend you back! I don't bite, I swear. So don't feel afraid to comment me or add me on MSN or AIM if you'd like to chat :)


Star Wars
The Lord of the Rings
The Mummy
The Road to El Dorado
National Treasure
Indiana Jones
Jurassic Park
Men in Black
King Kong
Sherlock Holmes
Iron Man
Van Helsing
Casino Royale
Moulin Rouge
Anything Will Ferrell and Adam Sandler
… and many many more, which I won’t list here!

Uncharted Drake's Fortune
Uncharted 2: Among Thieves
Resident Evil (especially RE4)
Fallout 3
Heavy Rain
The Legend of Zelda
Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic
Tomb Raider (but only the older games from the good old PS days!)

Pushing Daisies
... used to love CSI Las Vegas to death until they ditched Grissom. BOOOOO! But I still enjoy old reruns!

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Obsession(s) of the Moment:

HEAVY RAIN. Oh. My. God. This game is so much love. I cry frequently and spaz and scream at the televison. But I am so in love with all of the characters, and this amazing little "interactive drama" ;)



Uncharted!!!!! I am totally in love with the Nate and Elena pairing. Hey, if you love them, too... join us over at my LJ community nate_x_elena


Fallout 3!!!!!! I've been playing this game for over a year now,... obsessively. I can't get enough. And the expansions rock, too. AND I CAN'T WAIT UNTIL NEW VEGAS!